Córdoba Pueblo Series: Montoro

Some associate Spain with its beaches or its cities.

Some may stretch to thinking of its mountains and skiing.

However, in Part II of my Córdoba Pueblo Series (Part I was about Cardeña) I am going to continue showing you the joys, authenticity and incredible affordability of a trip to a Spanish village.

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Medina Azahara: A Guide to the Site of the Former Capital of al-Andalus

The Medina Azahara, or as it is sometimes stylised, the Madinat al-Zahra, is an unsung wonder of an archeological site but it really is so much more than that.

This site was once the powerful capital of al-Andalus with a marvellous vantage point for keeping a watch across Córdoba and continues to be shrouded in mystery and romance today, from its brief but colourful 80 year existence.

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Discover Cádiz: the Oldest City in Western Europe

Cádiz is a city on the coast of the wider province that goes by the same name.

Cádiz was once called Gadir by the Phoenicians and this name evolved into the Latin Gades when it was under Roman rule. This is why the people from Cádiz are known as gaditanos even now the place is known today as Cádiz.

The gaditanos hold a reputation for being the funniest people in Spain and although I didn’t find this particularly evident in the Cádiz Capital, I certainly did when I visited El Puerto de Santa María which is just across the bay and of course, is still a part of the Cádiz province.

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