Where to see the Best Flamenco in Córdoba, Spain


When I was a child, if anyone ever mentioned Spain, my mind would instantly be filled with images of whirling dancers, red skirts swishing round and castanets clicking, with onlookers clapping and shouting “¡Olé!”. 

When I was 27, I moved to Spain. Andalucía, to be precise- the birthplace of Flamenco. I soon realised that my young imaginings were not as naïve as they seemed; rather, the culture of Flamenco penetrates the ground and the air here. 

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5 Reasons to Visit Benalmádena in Málaga

When my sister announced to a work colleague that she would be spending some days by the beach in Benalmádena on the west-end of the Costa del Sol, it was met with this rather snarky response: “I see. And what are your expectations of that place then?”

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Córdoba Pueblo Series: Cardeña

Córdoba is not just the city you see in Google Image searches, replete with photos of its grand Mezquita and the exotic Alcázar; it is a province, made up of 75 municipalities then 8 co-marcas. In this series of posts, I want to highlight these sometimes hidden or overlooked beauty spots which can be reached by car in usually less than an hour.

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Tantalising Tarifa: White Sandy Beaches, Dolphin Spotting and Zen…


The white sands of Bolonia Beach, Tarifa

Tarifa almost doesn’t even look like Spain. The typical terrain of miles and miles of olive trees and sun-scorched land that you see along the motorways or the slightly pebbly beaches of the Costa del Sol just don’t bare even a slight similarity to what is to be discovered in Tarifa. 

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