Cruces de Mayo in Córdoba- 48 Floral Crosses with Bars and Music!

Next up in line in the Córdobes spring calendar after the Cata del Vino: Córdoba’s Annual April Wine Festival is the ‘Cruces de Mayo’. I think of this as a sort of ‘pre-feria‘, which is the culmination of the festivals spread across April and May each year.

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Cata del Vino: Córdoba’s Annual April Wine Festival

The first notable thing about the Cata del Vino de Montilla Moriles in Córdoba is that there is no red wine!!! <Insert shocked face emoji here!>

Montilla-Moriles is a Spanish D.O of wine (denominación de origen) found in the villages of the province of Córdoba. Here, they produce sweet dessert wines very similar to sherry, known generally as fino. It is a taste I am still becoming accustomed to after almost three years of living here but I guess it’s as with all wines that you have to take time to find the ones you like. Regardless, I’m a red girl and always will be!

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Discover Cazorla: Spain’s Biggest National Park

I had heard several times that Cazorla was beautiful and full of nature but I had not really pencilled it in for a visit. I knew I would go one day but we were always saying “let’s wait for the spring so it’s not too cold or too hot.” 

As a push is sometimes needed, when some locals invited me to stay in Cazorla in April, I did a bit of Googling and was definitely up for the idea! The pictures looked lovely- lots and lots of greenery which can be a bit sparse in the drier regions of Spain. Here in Córdoba, we had endured 6 straight weeks of torrential rain which was becoming sooo tedious (not to mention the shoes and hairstyles it was ruining daily) despite the fact we can acknowledge how much rain is needed here sometimes.

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Love Letter to Torre del Mar, Costa del Sol


Torre del Mar photographed from the Paseo Marítimo

Dear Torre del Mar,

I admit it. I had never heard of you, two years ago. You, the quaint, quiet fishing beach-town on the East side of the Costa del Sol. And how I wish I had done! You had never appeared in holiday brochures or on the type of TV programme which brings shame on the drunken Brit abroad archetype… no. 

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