What to do in one day in Helsinki, Finland


On a cold, blustery October day, we decided to jump a ferry from Tallinn to Helsinki where we would have seven hours to explore the capital of Finland.

It was an absolute bargain of £12 each way per person which was incredible when you think how much you can pay for a seat on a flight and how little legroom you get for it. (I say that as someone who is 5ft3″ tall, I can’t imagine how it is for tall people..)

The biggest luxury about taking the gigantic ferry over to Helsinki was the impossibility of becoming bored. There were bars, cafes and restaurants and the ability to walk around freely was a novelty.

Pulling into Helsinki, the first thing I noticed was how the terrain looked totally different. The fir trees on a little island before the mainland looked jagged and shrouded in mist.

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