A Weekend of Wine and Wonders in Warsaw

{Apologies for the quality of some of the pictures in this blog entry; my phone camera was cracked and only worked when zoomed out! I have a shiny new phone now!)


The King-to-be announced another British bank holiday for his coronation and immediately, my sister, cousin and I jumped at the chance for another whirl on Ryanair Roulette.

I pretty much did this when I ended up in Vienna in February, and we did it again for the May 2023 bank holiday, opting for the Polish capital of Warsaw.

My sister’s boss and my cousin’s friend are both from Poland and had both long espoused the coolness and culinary pleasures of Warszawa, so I was more than happy to book on and see what was in store!

After a rubbery, stale cheese baguette at a hen-party animated Manchester airport terminal 3, we ascended into aerospace and gabbed between ourselves until we drifted down into Warsaw airport where the staff barely even glanced at our passports, stock British smiles plastered across our tired faces as we passed the Polish frontier.

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Bonjour Beautiful Bordeaux

There is a game called ‘Ryanair Roulette’ where people go online and book flights to whichever destination is the cheapest on that day. I love this idea as I am happy to visit almost anywhere and to be fair, Ryanair does offer some unusual and interesting destinations.

My cousin Luke and I didn’t exactly go blindly for the cheapest but we collected a few potential destinations into a list and we decided which one to go for.

I am a lifelong Francophile and Luke appreciates French cuisine and wine so we opted for the under 2 hour flight from Manchester to Bordeaux, France.

So off to the land of red wine we went…

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Cata del Vino: Córdoba’s Annual April Wine Festival

The first notable thing about the Cata del Vino de Montilla Moriles in Córdoba is that there is no red wine!!! <Insert shocked face emoji here!>

Montilla-Moriles is a Spanish D.O of wine (denominación de origen) found in the villages of the province of Córdoba. Here, they produce sweet dessert wines very similar to sherry, known generally as fino. It is a taste I am still becoming accustomed to after almost three years of living here but I guess it’s as with all wines that you have to take time to find the ones you like. Regardless, I’m a red girl and always will be!

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