The Alhambra of Granada

Of all of Spain’s architectural gems, the Alhambra Palace (UNESCO World Heritage Site) is its most precious treasure.

It is so stunning inside and outside, close up and from afar that it is impossible to take it all in- every corner reveals yet more painstaking artisanal carvings and monuments and astonishing views across Granada. (Read about the city of Granada here)

Situated in the hills overlooking the city, with the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains in the distance, its presence can be felt at all times in this city and there are several vantage points for the best views such as the Mirador San Nicolás (pictured below):

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Visiting Granada: A Guide to One of Spain’s Best Cities

Why is Granada so special?

Ok so the title is highly subjective.

But I am now about to tell you all about Spain’s most magical, North African feeling city.

I can defend the title a little though by the amount of times I’ve heard both Spanish and non-Spanish people alike referring to it as their favourite city in Spain.

Córdobes people are fiercely proud of their homeland but many of them have also conceded that Granada just has something ambient and exotic like nowhere else in the country.

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Medina Azahara: A Guide to the Site of the Former Capital of al-Andalus

The Medina Azahara, or as it is sometimes stylised, the Madinat al-Zahra, is an unsung wonder of an archeological site but it really is so much more than that.

This site was once the powerful capital of al-Andalus with a marvellous vantage point for keeping a watch across Córdoba and continues to be shrouded in mystery and romance today, from its brief but colourful 80 year existence.

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Visit Casa Andalusí- a glimpse into Roman and Moorish Andalucía

I stumbled across Casa Andalusí in Córdoba inadvertently when looking for things to show my parents one scorching hot day in July last year. We had been around the spice- fragranced and leather draped markets all morning but now, at mid-day, it was time to seek refuge from the fierce Andaluz summer sun.

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