Somewhere Between Roses & Oranges

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Somewhere Between Roses & Oranges

My first collection of poetry ‘Somewhere Between Roses & Oranges’ was released in March 2019. The process from start to finish took 18 months: conception, design, writing the poems and editing them 10,000 times, layout, sectioning, formatting, front cover design, asking my grandmother to paint the cover, scanning, photography and publishing.

The roses refer to my upbringing in Liverpool as roses are the national flower of England. The oranges refer to Andalucía, where I moved to when I was 27 and lived for three and a half years. The streets were lined with thousands of orange trees which became something of an emblem to my experience living there. Somewhere in between is a metaphysical space of growth and personal development which sometimes means one has to pass through challenges in order to sharpen and become even better as we move along the journey of life like a diamond being cut to bring out its brilliance.