Poetry Book now released!




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Alongside travel articles, in my personal time I have been working on writing and compiling a book of narrative poetry.

This book tracks the narrative of life stages in which we sometimes suffer, learn and grow to reach where we truly want to be; in my case it is pinned to life growing up in England, a transition period then moving to Spain.

My travel articles reflect these sentiments too however I feel that via poetry, they can be presented in a distinct, artistic manner open to interpretation from each individual reader.

I post my poetry and accompanying photographs on my Instagram account- @lauraferrieswriter . Below is a sample of some which are included in my book:



The rose grew and bloomed

But instead of cherished

It was stamped on then perished

Left to just wither

Each petal forcibly fell

A floral death knell

But after that beheading

A new bud always blooms

That indelible strength always resumes


Electric Faces

The weekly transmission

Of pixellated recognition

When electric faces

Holograms beam to far away places

Telephonic satellite

Ensures we’re not out of sight

Voice cast in radio wave

Exchanged in our electric exclave

Once a week I go for a glass of wine

With my friend via an Internet line

This place we inhabit; our virtual bar

Reminds me how we are never that far



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