My Featured Writing


My first book of poetry entitled’ Somewhere Between Roses & Oranges’ was published in March 2019 is available to buy at and in Pritchard’s Book Shop in Crosby, Liverpool.

My writing has been featured on:


Discovering Córdoba’s Developing Underground Poetry Scene: 


Article on a bar called ´La Cavea´ in Córdoba´s Jewish Quarter:

Dealing with Insomnia Whilst Travelling (Santorini, Greece):

Standing up to Mean-Spiritedness from Strangers:

On Learning a Foreign Language: 


My poem ‘Female DOGma’ was selected by the editor of CVA Cultural Visual Arts Magazine for Issue #7- Feminism: 

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 21.17.32

My poem ‘Battle Cry’ was selected for the Resilience issue of ‘Dog’s Breakfast’ zine:

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Travel Blog Entry about Lake Como, Italy

La Dolce Vita

Magical Marrakech

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 13.39.44

Article on how creative writing and sharing it online empowered me to leave an unhealthy relationship

Feminist Activism: Pure Poetry?

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Article on a website which advises on how to deal with narcissists about the damage a narcissist can wreak upon a relationship via gaslighting and emotional manipulation (2016-2018 to be clear!)