About Me



My name is Laura and I have taught English Language and English Literature in two high schools (one in England, one in Spain) for the last 8 years now. My passion has always been in stories- reading them, writing them, sharing them- both verbally and via the written word. This, coupled with my other love of travelling, has brought me to where I am today.

In 2015, I made the decision to leave my beloved home city of Liverpool to explore pastures new by relocating to Córdoba, Andalucía.

Motivated by the desire to learn Spanish, discover a new culture and way of life and finally realise my dreams of writing, this blog, Laura in Andalucía was born.


My home city of Liverpool

I studied English Literature for both my Batchelor’s and Master’s degrees and wrote my thesis for the latter on: ‘Women’s Pursuit of Fulfilment in the Mid-Victorian Novel’.

This work ended up being somewhat prophetic as soon after graduating, I decided to explore a life outside of the prescribed norms and do something solely just for me after years of feeling that I had to adhere to just what was expected of me. The themes I explored in my MA thesis of women being empowered to do exactly what they want to do in life, continued into my own reality then later back again into my writing.


My MA thesis on ‘The Woman’s Pursuit of Fulfilment in the Mid-Victorian Novel’

After studying for a degree in English Literature, a PGCE (secondary school teaching qualification) five years of being a high school English teacher in England and my MA graduation, I decided to move abroad and made sure I did! Anyone who knows me, knows that once I get a ‘bee in my bonnet’, that is it. 


Córdoba with the Mezquita as seen from the Roman Bridge

Writing was always my passion since I was 5 years old and living here within the more relaxed pace of life finally gave me the time to invest in creativity; I also found that from this base I was travelling around a lot more so began to regale these adventures and lessons of the world and life into articles and poetry, with the hope of inspiring others and striking a chord in the hearts of those who read my work.

Along with my life-long love of language, self-esteem is a particular core value for me, partly in reaction to the horrific pressures and messages transmitted by many media sources and a consumerist culture, partly in response to my own experiences of being subjected to people who tried to damage my self-confidence and mainly due to my role as a secondary school teacher.

Children are receiving unhealthy messages which stay with them long into adulthood and negatively affects self-esteem, relationships, and mental health.

With this always at the forefront of my approach, I write about travel, adventure and cultural experiences with a particular onus on positive self-image and using fulfilment to instil a sense of accomplishment, hope and celebration in my readers.



Córdoba’s Vimcorsa Building during the Flora Festival- October 2017



The surrounding countryside of the Córdoba Province (Cardeña)