About Me


My first book of poetry ‘Somewhere Between Roses & Oranges’ tracks my journey of growing up in England, moving to Spain and all the life lessons in between was published March 2019.

You can buy it here at www.amazon.com and it is available to buy physically at Pritchard’s Book Shop in Crosby, Liverpool.

Writer bio:

Laura Ferries

Born– January 1988, Liverpool, UK

Education– BA (Hons) English 2:1 from Liverpool John Moores University (2009)

– PGCE Secondary English from Liverpool Hope University (2010)

– MA in Victorian Literature from the University of Liverpool (2014)

Languages– Native English, fluent Spanish and a bit of French

Work– Eight and a half years so far as a secondary school teacher of English language and English literature (I’ve also taught a bit of Media Studies and Drama along the way). Key Stage 3, GCSE/IGCSE and AS/A levels. I have taught at secondary schools in both England and Spain.

Writing Projects:

  • My first book of poetry ‘Somewhere Between Roses & Oranges’ is out now available from Amazon and Pritchard’s Book shop in Crosby, Liverpool.

This was officially a creative process of eighteen months but some of the poems are from up to eight years ago! It will consist of three chapters and is intended to be read as a loose narrative but not chronologically. The poems track the places, spaces, life and love across growing up in England and my move to Spain with all the lessons along the way.

Click here to purchase!

  • I write travel articles for websites such as Pink Pangea, Culture Trip, The Daily Struggle and others.
  • I write all about Andalucía (southern Spain) for my own blog Laura In Andalucía .
  • I am now writing of my memoir of what it is like moving abroad alone to a city where very few people speak English, the rich culture I have been lucky to live in and all of the adventures and misadventures along the way.
  • I have had poetry published in other literary and creative journals, both online and in physical print
  • I run the Instagram account @lauraferrieswriter where you will find most of my writings and photography



My home city of Liverpool

About my MA Victorian Literature Thesis:

I studied English Literature for both my Batchelor’s and Master’s degrees and wrote my thesis for the latter on: ‘Women’s Pursuit of Fulfilment in the Mid-Victorian Novel’.

The three focal novels of this thesis were:

  • Charlotte Brontë- Shirley (1849)
  • George Eliot- Daniel Deronda (1876)
  • William Makepeace Thackeray- Vanity Fair (1848)

I looked at not just how women lived in the Victorian era and how they were represented in the literature of the time but what it was that they wanted; what their own brand of feminism was before there was even such a term coined and the breakthrough protagonists of these particular novels.

The Victorian era fascinates me for countless reasons but it was an especially interesting time period to study given it was pre-women’s vote, with a powerful female monarch who did not believe in women’s rights herself but post seminal texts such as Mary Wollstonecraft’s ‘Vindication of the Rights of Woman‘ (1792).

This work ended up being somewhat prophetic as soon after graduating, I decided to explore a life outside of the prescribed norms and do something solely just for me after years of feeling that I had to adhere to just what was expected of me. The themes I explored in my MA thesis of women being empowered to do exactly what they want to do in life, continued into my own reality then later back again into my writing.


My MA thesis on ‘The Woman’s Pursuit of Fulfilment in the Mid-Victorian Novel’

After studying for a degree in English Literature, a PGCE (secondary school teaching qualification) five years of being a high school English teacher in England and my MA graduation, I decided to move abroad to learn a new language and immerse myself within a different culture.


Córdoba with the Mezquita as seen from the Roman Bridge